We are commited to a Tupeka Kore Aotearoa by 2025.

Puanga iwi challenge - Tui Ora

Saturday 1 May, 2021

The aim of the Puanga iwi challenge was to find a way to get Maori to engage with us and hopefully sign up and complete our programme. We took the new year, new you campaign we started in 2021 and put a Maori spin on it, with it coming into the Maori new year. Making it a challenge between two local iwi definitely helped boost interest. We’ve managed to get 12 people signed up in 10 days which is really good! Due to it being an iwi challenge it helped focus in on our target population but I think the incentives of the programme is what is getting people to buy in and will help them to stay committed throughout the programme.

The challenge starts 1 May 2021 and ends 30 June 2021.

An update from Dyllon on the iwi challenge:

“Coming up to the end of our third week I am blown away with the results from everyone that is part of the iwi challenge. 

10 out of the 14 people involved quit from day one on the 1st of may and have blown a non-smokers reading each week. 

3 are still cutting down and working towards their quit date coming up next week.

1 person has pulled out of the programme due to not feeling ready to quit yet. 

1 person is using no NRT and simply running on ‘mana’ 

Te Atiawa is leading at the moment, but only by 1 place. so the win is still anyone’s to grab. 

At first I thought it was the incentives that made people interested in the programme, but after a few weeks in I’ve noticed that it’s actually the challenge/competitiveness that is driving everyone to quit. Most said they seen it as an opportunity to represent their iwi and motivate more whanau around them to do the same. 

Overall the Puanga iwi challenge is going amazing and I can already see a lot of things that I would add/change to improve it next time around.

If you’re in the Taranaki area and are feeling ready to ‘commit to quit’ then get in touch with the Tui Ora team! If there’s enough interest, they might even run another iwi challenge! Keep up the amazing mahi our whānau from Taranaki! 

For more information, contact Dyllon O'Callaghan on 06-759-4064

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